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Okay, so a friend of mine was doing this, so I decided I wanted in! 

This will be an experiment to see how many people are really interested in my OCs. Wink/Razz

*Either you give me the name of an OC of mine, or you link me an image of one of my OCs found in my gallery. I'll then write up 10 Facts about them in this journal. Submit as many as you want. Steal this if you want.



Peter sometimes discovers hairs on his toothbrush. He thinks it comes from his head/body, but it's actually his twin sister Nicole putting some of her hair there just to mess with him. 

Peter is currently strong enough to lift a Honda Minivan with the amount of effort it takes an average man with a decent workout schedule to carry a 5 gallon drum of water.

The worst injury he has ever taken is 15 broken bones. How'd it happen? He was slammed through a building by a 12 foot Golem made out of concrete and miscellaneous car parts. 

Peter actually loves to sing, but he doesn't do it often because he has a very powerful voice. Like, opera level. He opts to play electric/bass guitar instead. His favorite genres of music are classic 

He's not a dog or a cat person. The animals he has the most interest in caring for is a lizard, fish or a bird. They don't need a lot of care. (Alyona later teaches him to love dogs.) 

Peter never owned a cell phone in his life, so things like texting, acronyms or speed dial come difficult for him. 

Peter doesn't pay attention to a lot of fashion. He just dresses in whatever's comfortable. (Although he has strong opinions against people dressing a certain way to impress others) 

Peter can be quite clueless when it comes to romance or romantic hints. This explains why it took him so long to realize that Alyona had a crush on him. 

Peter doesn't have a steady workout schedule. He just lifts whenever he feels like it. 

Peter's anti-magic barrier works through physical touch or close proximity. If anything used to attack him is magical in origin, it will stop working if he can get close to the power source. 


Alyona was shy even before her father turned abusive toward her. She was in a new country with a new language she had to learn. ANY kid would be nervous!

Alyona is partially anorexic. Her father used to make her go through starvation periods (even though her brother would sneak her food) and sometimes she undergoes a relapse of those horrible days. Only Miranda, her mom and her brother Dmitri know about it. 

Alyona may not look like it, but she appreciates people with a sense of humor. It helps take her mind off of the sad parts of her life. She and Danny are good friends because of this. 

Alyona is a dog person. She thinks puppies are adorable! However, she had no idea how literal that classification would become to her later. XD Her favorite dog breed is tie between Golden Retrievers and Chocolate Labradors. 

She is a hopeless romantic. She loves seeing two people love each other and was an instrument in getting her best friend Miranda together with Bruce. 

Alyona is a Christian. She is trying to find which church is right for her, though. She knows it's out there, somewhere. 

When she was learning how to fly, she tried using broomsticks and magic carpets, but they were too hard to control. She was later given her Cape of Soaring and gradually took to it, despite it being supposedly harder to use. 

Alyona loves ballet and country music. Her favorite ballets are The Nutcracker and Swan Lake. She isn't very confident in her ability to play, dance or sing, though. 

She eventually became good at video games when her brother bought a Gamecube to help himself get over their parents' divorce. They started playing together and eventually she became a competitive level gamer with practice in Super Smash Bros. Melee. The best games she's good at are fighters and RPGs. She loves Street Fighter and Pokemon the most.

Alyona grew to like Peter not for his looks, but for his bravery. It was a quality she wanted to see in herself and she eventually grew to like him more and more as she saw him put his life aside to help others. As the two grew up together, she found that her small crush was getting stronger with time.  


Miranda first discovered she was a half mermaid when she was 13. As puberty is a strange time for everyone, it was even stranger for Miranda. Imagine walking toward the car to go home and then tripping and discovering you no longer had legs, but a fish tail. It went downhill from there and the transformations were very random. She later learned to control it better when she turned 15. 

Miranda is Alyona's best friend. The two first met when she found Alyona crying in a corner in middle school. She had scraped her knee, so Miranda helped her get to the infirmary. The two were pretty close ever since, Miranda helping be one of her protectors. 

Miranda thinks a lot of anime is stupid. Ironically, she later dates a Japanese guy. 

She loves playing water polo and is on her school's team. She plays goalie and is very good at it. Unfortunately, she takes a lot of hits to the face because of it. So it is not uncommon to see Miranda with a black eye.

Miranda has access to magic, but unlike Alyona, she actually needs a conduit for it to travel through. She uses a staff that she converted into a javelin to help channel her magic. 

Miranda was raised by her aunt and uncle from her dad's side. Her dad was a Marine and her mom was a mermaid he met while sailing. Some of the other marines were cat-calling her, but he broke it up and left her alone. After his services were over, he ran into her again. She had been following him for the past year until he was done serving. After she came to the land and tried walking for the first time, he let her stay with him so he could tell her about human life. Eventually the two started dating and got engaged and later had Miranda. They later disappeared with a note that requested she be allowed to stay with her aunt and uncle. To this day, she doesn't know where they are. 

Even though she seems like a sports girl, Miranda LOVES to read books. She loves adventure and mystery novels the most. 

Miranda's lifelong dream is to compete in the Olympics, but her aquatic heritage makes for some complications that may prevent her from competing. 

Miranda loves going to dances and enjoys going on the dance floor, but she can get a little carried away sometimes. 

Miranda HATES a lot of mermaid stereotypes. For example, she would be very insulted if you gave her a shell top and absolutely refuses to wear bikinis because of them. 


Danny knows he's not the smartest guy around, but he can occasionally be a good strategist. He demonstrates this when he plays chess with the others. Luke is the most impressed when he's at his best. 

He isn't quite good with his suit yet and often shocks himself. 

A couple girls have fawned over him before he started dating Lisa, but he wasn't considered dating age in his family at the time, so he didn't go on a lot of dates. 

Danny has a passion for cooking/baking. His cookies are said to be really good, and his cakes heavenly. It helped Lisa become attracted to him. ;p

Danny doesn't have a very good singing voice, but he loves music nonetheless. 

He is very easygoing, and has been described as having a goofy sense of humor. 

He was the second person to learn that Alyona had a crush on his brother. He didn't laugh, because he thought it was kinda cute. 

When he told all of his friends he was dating a cute, rich actress, nobody believed him until she kissed him in front of them. That was the first kiss they ever had. 

Danny doesn't get embarrassed easily. 

He can be pretty patient, but Danny is scary when you make him angry. 


Luke doesn't want to know who his parents are. He feels he'll be happier if it stays a secret. (This has led some of his friends to hypothesize that he might be an illegitimate.) 

People think he wears the sunglasses because he's too cool, but the truth is he has optical albinism. He NEEDS to wear them. As a result, people often wonder what color his eyes are. They're light indigo.

Luke is an exceptional strategist, which led him to be really impressed when Danny beat him in a game of chess. 

He doesn't have much of a mind for romance. He thinks that people squealing over it is stupid. Ironically, he does eventually get a girlfriend; a tall ginger girl.  

He has a secret fear of dragons, which led him to be kind of disgusted when Morina thought to call him a brother. 

Nobody knows where his psychic abilities come from. He doesn't know either. 

He can be very self deprecating. He seems to have accepted the idea that he's a freak of nature. 

Luke joined the agency because he felt a kinship with working with "fellow freaks." He felt he had finally found a place where his "curse" could be used for a good cause. 

Luke hates it when people compare him to Luke Skywalker. 

He likes listening to music. It helps him think when he's alone. 

Morina: (For those of you who don't know, I'm developing a new character who is a shapeshifting dragon.) 

Morina is about 250 years old, which is young for a dragon. 

She was kidnapped when she was an egg, imprisoned by the terrorist organization The Brotherhood of Evil Light. They were keeping her imprisoned so they could turn her into a Dark Dragon for use as a weapon. 

She was freed only recently, when Peter and his friends found her imprisoned underneath an abandoned church in Scotland. 

When she was 247, she was set upon by another dragon by the Brotherhood. They forcibly made her have eggs so that they could have more Dark Dragons. Outraged, she killed her "mate," but swore to keep her eggs safe. She had 5 during that time. 

As a shapeshifting dragon, she was forced to keep a human form so she would be easier to contain. She hadn't had an opportunity to stretch her wings in a very long time. 

She considers Luke an adoptive brother. Something about him drove her to believe so and they have similar histories. She didn't really know her parents either. Her interest in knowing more about him really annoys Luke to no extent. 

When she saw the sun for the first time, she was overjoyed. However, she was still in human form at the time, so she quickly got sunburned. 

Initially, Morina was a European Coastal Dragon, but because the ritual was nearly completed when Peter freed her, she is now 83% Dark Dragon. 

Morina speaks with a slight Scottish accent. 

Despite not being ready to be a mother, she took to being a parent extremely well. She learned all she could and helped provide for her hatchlings. 


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Hello, and welcome to my page!

I'm NintendoGamer5000, and friends call me Jason. :)

I'm a pretty big fan of comic books, adventure novels, animated TV shows and video games. When it comes to genres, I'm into Comedy, Romance, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Action/Adventure, Mystery and Musicals

I come off as something of a geek, but you know what? It's cool, bro. :XD: Really don't care. I enjoy geeky and random stuff. My main favorite franchises are from Nintendo, Disney and Marvel.

I like to think I'm pretty good at Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart. If anyone's interested in playing me, I'll let them know when I'm available.

When it comes to people, I like to know people who have a sense of humor and have some good values. People who know how people think are also pretty cool. Wouldn't hurt to have similar interests either. XD

I'm a bit of a Grammar Nazi. I can't stand when people misuse the basics of grammar.

In recent years, I've been learning how to sing, I'm learning how to drive (Mario Kart FTW! XD), and as for drawing, I like to sketch every once in a while.

Likes: (in no particular order)
All things Bright and Beautiful
Chocolate: I can't seem to get enough of it. ;P
Video Games: A favorite hobby of mine. :)
Music: I enjoy rock, dance, techno, jazz, classical, music from the 80's and video game music
Dancing: My parents used to be dance teachers at BYU.
Sports: My favorites include baseball, basketball, football, dodge-ball, handball (pronounced "ahn-JEE-bahl." It's a Brazilian game that mixes soccer, dodgeball, hockey, and football. It's a contact sport that I enjoy playing. ), and I enjoy watching people practice parkour!
Hats. For some strange reason I like wearing hats. Maybe it's 'cause I grew up with Mario or Pokémon...?
Quoting people from movies or video games. There are just those funny lines that you enjoy so much that you need to quote them in your everyday life!
Martial Arts
Animals, especially birds, kittens and puppies. :3

Pornography. It's way past uncool!
Over-charged political people.
Bikinis or inappropriate clothing. Me: "Yuck! Gonna go hurl, now!"
The color orange. Don't ask why, I just hate it.
Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Madonna, and Katy Perry. No self respecting person should like them!
Internet Trolls
Swear words

Neat Trivia about Me:
I'm a proud Eagle Scout with 42 Merit Badges.
I can whistle by both exhaling AND inhaling.
I can imitate the voices of many cartoon characters, including, but not limited to Mario, Sonic, Mickey Mouse, Everybody from the Emperor's New Groove, Phineas and Ferb, and Heinz Doofenshmirtz.
I can wiggle my ears.
My fingers are double jointed.
I can stand on one leg for half an hour.
I am the same age as Rayman, and am part of the first generation of Pokémon.
I have a really, REALLY good memory.
History, English and Creative Writing are my best subjects.
I was homeschooled since the 6th grade.
I could walk before I could crawl.
I had a full head of hair when I was born, and like Harry Potter, my hair grows fast and I have a scar on my forehead.
My favorite Pokémon are Lucario, Charizard, Eevee, and Pikachu.
I like eating food, particularly Italian.
I like ice cream.
My mom makes a cake with a specific theme each year for my birthday.
I like to cook.
My favorite country outside of the US is Japan.
I have a special connection with butterflies.
My favorite hero from the Book of Mormon is Nephi.
I like to imagine video game characters as if they were real.

This here's my stamp collection, yo!
Mormons are Christians by sugarpoultryStand for what you believe in by sugarpoultryLDS Stamp by jhasson
Don't be ashamed. by neooki23Captain Moroni Stamp by NatAsplundLDS LOZ stamp by Kathisofy
LOZ CTR stamp by Kathisofy
STAMP: Glasses by Emotikonz.:I-LOVE-CHOCOLATE:. stamp by SoLaNgE-scfDisney Sleeping Beauty Fauna's Cake Stamp by TwilightProwlerIce Cream Stamp by The-Fairywitch
Rox Ice Cream Stamp by madoka-chuuGolden Retriever Love Stamp by cloudratNo pup like mine by Animal-Stamp
Nothing by Mr-StampI imagine with music Stamp by tastelessfateCalvin and Hobbes 2 by RubiconiaMaturity by Dragon-Wing-Z
I Heart Swords by Gamers-GearMain OC =/= Persona Stamp by RavenThaliaStamp-I'd Rather Be Hated by Jazzy-C-Oaks
:Critiques wanted by prosaixCritique please by MetadreamStamp - Tablet User by firstfear.:MarioxPeach Stamp II:. by CloTheMarioLover
I listen to music while i draw by TontoraMy Worth Stamp by Mirz123Won't Comment Stamp by Mirz123Be Nice Stamp by Mirz123
Everyone is Stupid stamp by Mirz123Common Courtesy Stamp by Mirz123Avengers Stamp by nakashimarikuStamp: Spider-Man by RojoRamos
LDS geek by NeversideFaerie

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